New Homes

The masterplan for 20 Grosvenor Square is focused on returning the site to a residential building of bespoke apartments which will re-establish Mayfair as the most exceptional place to live in London. The revised plans propose increasing the overall number of apartments from 31 units (the number of units outlined in the 2012 planning consent) to between 37-40 units. Through increasing the number of units on the site, the building will be able to provide both additional smaller homes as well as an increased number of family homes.

Built to be lived in
A world-class team of designers, architects and consultants have been appointedto ensure every step of this project is delivered to the highest standards. This includes engaging with local stakeholders and ensuring all contractors have a careful and responsive approach to construction.

These homes are crafted with particular buyers in mind, ensuring they are built to be lived in. 20 Grosvenor Square will therefore be equipped with the best-in-class facilities for residents. The development will regenerate this corner of Grosvenor Square, provide homes for local families and support a vibrant local community.