On Site

Throughout its work, Grosvenor Square Limited is dedicated to the very highest standards. This applies equally in our approach to our relations with our neighbours and community.

You can find contact details for the site manager on the Contact Us page.

As a large construction project may cause some disruption, Grosvenor Square Limited has appointed Finchatton as its Development Coordinator to ensure any inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

We are taking several measures to ensure this happens:

  • Our community relations advisor attends development team meetings to ensure all members are updated about community concerns
  • We keep a log of any complaint or question from neighbours to ensure nothing is missed
  • We use cutting-edge noise and dust mitigation techniques to minimize disruption
  • We work closely with the local Council so that we are always working within acceptable limits

    We also ensure neighbours are regularly updated on progress and any special work underway on site. To do this, we send a letter every four to six weeks to 700 neighbouring homes and businesses. Whenever unusually disruptive work happens, we send updates to our closest neighbours.

    To view our community letters, please use the following links:

    Register with us to receive regular updates on the development of 20 Grosvenor Square